Tease me awake

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SoJoyous

I've had the same dream over and over again. The guys change, but what always happens is this: I'm in my bed under some thin linen sheets and incredibly hot, because I'm being teased to a point close to insanity. My body's trembling with lust, but he just hovers over me, his hard cock between my legs, barely touching my soaking wet pussy. But no matter how hard I pull, how much I beg, he won't enter me. Just stays there, enjoying his sweet torture... At some point, I usually wake up and start touching myself, but the heat and that raging desire fade with my returning consciousness. So I'd like to finish the script: The dream's the same, but as I slowly wake up, there's a stranger in my bed. A tall and strong guy, his torso covered in tats and his Viking beard ready to tickle my thighs. So he keeps hovering over me for a while and starts kissing his way down, spreading my folds gently and licking all the way up to my clit in long, lazy strokes before fucking me with his strong tongue. As I start shaking towards my orgasm, he makes a little growling sound and lets go of me. In a split second he's back in his original position, but now entering me fast end deep. What follows is a hard and dirty fuck that ends with a long and mind-shattering release on my end - and a deeply satisfied look on his, before he comes all over me with another one of his deep and hot growls. With a mumbled "don't stop those dreams" he brushes a kiss on my neck and leaves. I guess, this is about me always being in control and the desire to entirely lose it once in a while. Keep doing what you do. I't beautiful and empowering. Love, S.