Swallowed by the Amazon

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amante

One of the most persistent fantasies I have is that of being captured and made a sex toy by a goddess of superhuman stature, a Giantess. She is exotic, bronze complexioned and extremely fit from living in the wild. Holding me inches from her face and smiling quizzically, she lifts me to her mouth and begins to kiss and lick my entire body, rolling me between her lips as one might do a segment of fruit. Everyone loves a tongue in their crotch, and spreading my legs apart with her tongue, she does not disappoint. She inserts me into her mouth, sliding me back and forth and sucking on me. Her suction is incredibly powerful and I fear for my life but I am also excited beyond belief that I am being made her sex-thing, out of my control. From there, she locks me between her thighs, pressing me against her vagina and using me to masturbate her clitoris, pleasuring herself with mounting intensity. I feel it hot against my torso as her lips open up, ready to take me in. She finally inserts me whole into her vagina. I am proportionately big enough that she squeezes me in forcibly. Her inner walls begin to tighten and pulsate around me as she becomes increasingly hot and wet. The feeling of being bodily consumed inside of her, of being swallowed whole into a woman's vagina, is too much to take and my breath begins to come in gasps. I am in feet first and looking up, I see her breasts above me, at least ten times larger than an average woman. I can feel the vibrations of her groaning and yelling with monstrous satisfaction from within her body, another astoundingly new sensation for me. Although my cock may be microscopic inside of her, I am nonetheless being unimaginably fucked beyond the human experience and I begin to come uncontrollably, convulsing and groaning loudly until my throat is raw and I am ready to collapse. After my initiation, she is somehow able to find me again and she makes me reenact the experience for her many times thereafter. I realize that she may decide to devour me completely at some point, but I'll take that chance.