Summer of sex with my teacher

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LingamnYoni

We met at a candle-lit speed dating event. There was mutual attraction and pleasant conversation. In the light of day, I saw our age difference, but we continued to bond over our intellectual chemistry. She was a recently divorced high school teacher and single parent. I was a never-married professional, seven years younger than her. When we went on a date kayaking, she unabashedly stripped down to a bikini to reveal her trim body. She had me seduced. Our date became flirtatious. Her children were at summer camp. She invited me back to her home. When it came to sex, she knew what she liked. She told me how to pleasure her orally. We had sex on the bed she used to share with her ex-husband. She told me the positions that made her cum. She taught me how to stimulate her pleasure spots as I thrust to her moans. She was a mom I loved to fuck, a high school teacher teaching me good sex in the bed she used to share with a man that was no longer of interest to her. I was in rapture. I made long lustful love to her. By the time I orgasmed, she had already cum at least five times. She said she also enjoys that I am a younger man because younger men have such hard cocks and can fuck again soon after cumming. With that, we started having sex again, continuing well into the early morning. We were both looking for love and a long-term relationship, but for now, we were in a very satisfying sexual fling. So began our summer of love.