Sneaky Sex Sessions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Deeb

I was between jobs and my husband's friend got me a job at his family restaurant. I had been working there for a few weeks, when the boss's son returned home from University. He was 22 and I was 35.

Our eyes locked and we could both feel the electricity. I tried to play it cool as I got all flustered. We soon arranged to meet and went for a drive a few days later. He parked the car at a scenic spot. watched for people passing and gently rested his arm on my leg. As he deftly unzipped my shorts, I felt my heart speed up and I waited in anticipation for him to discover my dampness. I gasped as he slid a finger between my slippery pussy and saw his lips spread into a satisfied smile.

The next time we met, I went into work early and he snuck me into a side room. He pulled me towards him and pressed his lips against mine. We made out and fondled and it was so sneaky and naughty; once more I was moist as f*ck. He pulled me over to a ledge and lifted me up onto it. I was dripping by the time he entered me.

We snuck around, fucking in various areas of the restaurant and sometimes at my house during the day. We tried many things together for the first time and the anal orgasms he gave me were phenomenal. The anticipation of him coming round would have me so ready for him. He would shove me up against the wall; kiss me hard and grind me.

We had some good times but as always, things must come to an end sometime. We will always have the secret memories.