Sexy Studio Sessions with Sammy and Shaye

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Symphony Avonlea

Sammy and Shaye are a husband and wife. They are always together, but it's always business; writing a song at home, going to the studio and singing it for a recording; they're always playing together, but not in the ways they wish they could. They have strong desires for each other, and they always express it in their songs, as much as they are tempted by the attractive fellow musicians at the studio, but when Shaye sits on Sammy's lap right in the middle of one of their songs right there in the studio, things are about to get wild! There's nothing better than a singer/songwriter and his attention-seeking singing wife in the middle of both an intimate moment and an intimate song, right there in the middle of the studio between the piano and the recording equipment! And the studio equipment gets every sound in crystal clear quality!