Secret Dragon

A Sexual Fantasy

— By CherryRose

I imagine having a crush on a handsome man, always aloof but with the slightest glimmers of a kind heart dancing within his eyes. Perhaps he pulls me aside and confesses his attraction to me, only to display some concerns. Concerns about what, he has a hard time verbalizing. As his mind frantically tries to work, the lightest shimmer beneath his eyes catches my attention. I reach out, gently touching the skin, the feeling of cool scales meeting my fingertips. Before my eyes, more fade into view upon the hollows of his cheeks, the curves of his neck and down out of sight beneath his shirt. He confesses that he is a dragon, how suppressing the draconic features has grown harder to do, that he longed for someone to accept him for who and what he truly is. I'm spellbound by the transformation taking place before me, curiosity and wonder dancing in my gaze as I kiss him. "Show me," I whisper against his lips. He surrenders to his instincts, falling upon me and letting his instincts take over. His body awash with scales, a sinewy tail thrashing to and fro, claws scratching at me, horns crowning his head. Claiming me as his own with passion. His greatest treasure now found.