Railroad Rendezvous

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Slowcomotive

If I could, I'd take a long-distance Amtrak train across the upper Midwest. Being a little on the economy side, I'm sure I'd just have coach-class seats - nothing private. Maybe I'd strike up a conversation with a sweet Midwestern woman in the observation car, realizing by 1 am as we rolled through wheat fields in the dark that we wanted to lock ourselves in the bathroom and go down on each other, up her skirt, my pants never quite off.. Maybe we'd repeat that for a few days as we rolled toward the West Coast, amazing conversation and catnaps in between as we recharged for another chance to lock ourselves away... always certain the conductors knew what was going on. At trip's end we'd say our goodbye's, maybe an exchange of text numbers... but no expectation we'd hear from each other again.