Professor of my dreams

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mariomg

In my first year in college, I took a class taught by the most beautiful and charismatic teacher I've ever seen in my life. Because of her, I've tried to be the best student I could in order to get her attention. She noticed my effort and even liked discussing various topics with me, during the class. Of course, I've had a strong erotic fantasy about her, but I knew there is not much I could do in reality. I also thought that it is just a phase and that I would get over her once I passed her class. However, time didn't help, and after many different girls and women I've met, she stayed in my thoughts as my biggest fantasy.

A few years after graduating from college, while on vacation, my friends and I went to a pool party at our hotel. Suddenly, I thought I saw her in the crowd. As much as I tried to convince myself that it was just my imagination, I had to check if she was there. After wandering around the party for a while, I finally saw her. Sexier than ever, she was standing there in a yellow bikini, talking to her girlfriends. At one point she turned around and looked at me. I was stunned but I also knew that I would hardly ever get another opportunity like this.

I approached her and said hello. She looked at me and replied, "Hmm, you look familiar, do we know each other?" "If I am not wrong, you are one of the best professors I've ever had in my life," I said. "Oh wow, I knew I couldn't escape from my students," she laughed. "But actually, I think I remember you as one of the better ones! I am a bit embarrassed now, but who cares we are on vacation, right? " "There is no reason to be embarrassed. You are one of the coolest professors ever. Seeing you like this is a dream come true!" I said. "Oh, really. You know, I am here to celebrate my 42nd birthday. And I still have my dreams too. So if you are eager for a further discussion on this topic, you can come to room 323 in about 10 minutes," she said, and slowly walked away.

I was speechless. I couldn't see, hear or think anymore. Is this happening? What should I do now? Somehow I managed to get to the room and knocked. She opened the door and dragged me in. Before I could say anything she started kissing me and I started to feel her soft lips and skin. A few moments later, we were in bed, she was on top of me and I was feeling her breasts. Then I was giving it to her from behind, while she was screaming and telling me to go harder. Afterward, we just lay in bed for a while trying to catch our breath. It happened so fast and it was all like a big blur. A few moments later, I was outside again, the party was over, and I couldn't find her or my friends. And I wondered, what did really happen.