Period Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LingamnYoni

Lorinda and I have been dating for a year. We started having difficulties in our relationship. She wanted more attention and affection from me. Our sex life has been minimal after our early honeymoon phase. I wanted more space to sort out some issues at my workplace. One night, we had a heated and emotional argument. We started talking about breaking up. Then the realization hit me that this might be the end and I did not want to break up with her. As we looked at each other with anger, I reached in and kissed her passionately. I said: “I want to make our relationship work. I want to give you the attention and affection you need. I want to give you lots of sex and love. I am horny for you.” She ripped off her clothes. I did the same. My cock was already rock hard. I fingered her, but she was already wet. She said: “I want us to make love right now.” I penetrated her and we started fucking. She came immediately. Minutes later, she said: “I’m cumming again.” When I pulled out to change positions, my penis was covered in her blood. She said she is starting her period but did not expect it right now. She apologized for the mess. I asked if she was okay and if she was in pain. She said she had cramps but our sex is making her feel good. She seemed embarrassed about the blood and kept apologizing. My cock was still hard and aching to fuck more. I said: “Let’s keep going. I want to show you how much I want you. I love the intimacy of your blood on my cock.” I did not wait for her to respond. I started to slide back into her slowly. I asked her: “are you okay with this?” She was surprised. She smiled and said yes. We continued having lengthy sex in missionary position, her legs wrapped around me, pulling me in. I felt another orgasm come from her, and then two more as we kept making love.