Nothin' up my sleeve

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amante

My housemate and I had decided to hire a cleaner as neither of us were real messy but we thought it would be nice to have the place consistently "date" clean. He had done the search and I was pleasantly surprised that our "maid" was quite attractive and seemed pretty hip. This one time, I had forgotten to put my sex sleeve back in its quarters after using it, in a hurry to leave for a gig. I remembered setting it in a particular spot on my dresser with a bottle of lubricant nearby and when I got back home, I noticed in panic not only that I had left it out but it had been moved and neatly positioned together with some of my other things. There was no doubt that she had seen it. I felt my stomach collapse inward from the dread and anxiety. After mentally wrestling with this new knowledge for a while, I decided to text her a thank you for the day and to see what her reaction would be, my breath still as I wrote. She got back to me promptly and cheerfully, with a footnote saying "I wasn't sure what to do with your 'toy', so I cleaned it for you, hope that's ok!😁 What a surprise to find it, kind of cute, lol!🥰 It was thinking, maybe I can ahh, help you out with that next time, if you want.. I just feel kind of bad that you think you need that, just sayin. Wouldn't "real" be so much nicer? 😊😉 Let me know! You don't have to say anything if you don't want to, I will be able to tell if you're not into it and that's ok. Till then..😘🤎 - me". I couldn't believe what I was seeing and read it over and over to be sure I wasn't just imagining or misunderstanding it. She fucking CLEANED it - OMFG!! I had read it about 20 times by the time I went to bed, and then some. We usually had her come in once a month, but I couldn't bear waiting to see her and make this real, so the following weekend, I texted her and said that I was having unexpected guests the following week and could she come in sooner, knowing that she would know what was up. She texted back almost immediately, "No prob, whatever you need!😉 See you then!💋". Needless to say, the lips emoji cleared up any doubts, made my pulse race and my dick insanely hard. I was in knots with the right kind of anxiety this time when she arrived. She was looing hot, not in the usual frumpy sweats that she cleaned in. She was clearly anticipating the revised itinerary of the day. We hugged for the first time and it was evident that she was feeling me. "So, did you want to have me take care of that other detail in my text? (laughing somewhat coyly) I'm kind of getting the vibe that you do". She took my hand and led me to my room, stripped me then herself, laid me back and was amazingly aggressive compared to what I had imagined, which is exactly what I like. She was a complete wildcat in bed once her hair was down. My "guests" never showed but she and I both agreed that we needed to ramp up her schedule considerably.