My Top Student

A Sexual Fantasy

— By [email protected]

Teaching college level courses, I’m around young and attractive people quite often. I consider myself young and attractive still - I turn thirty next year. My question is, do my students see me that way? There is one female student I have this semester with flowing brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a smile that would make even the darkest days melt away. Her subtle tan skin appears so soft. I want to invite her back to my place after class. I often imagine caressing her cheek as we gaze into each others eyes after opening a fresh bottle of wine. Being her professor, it’s my responsibility to teach her, no? Long nights of studying parts of the body she maybe hasn’t explored up to this point in her life. Our first lesson - I would show her the beauty of non-penetrative orgasms. At first she would be shy. Slowly we’d kiss, gentle movements of our hands up and down each other’s torso. As we delicately remove each article of clothing, I become harder and harder. She obviously notices this and begins stroking my hard cock through my pants. As she begins to undo the button, I slip her red sundress off her shoulders. Encouraging her to lie back, I kiss my way down her stomach until I‘m between her legs. Sliding her panties off, I show her the amazing things I can do to her with just my mouth. She squirms at first, not ever being with someone that knows what they’re doing down there. Then she lets the sensations take control, grabbing my hair as she lets out sighs and moans. More lessons would follow - feeling her soft skin on mine as we make love over and over. She is one of the top students in my class so I am sure she would put as much effort into these lessons as she does for the rest of her education.