Midnight Lover

A Sexual Fantasy

— By CherryRose

Vampires: the first supernatural creatures I really became fascinated with as I delved into paranormal fiction. The image of me laying in bed asleep, as the moonlight paints my room in silvery strokes from the window above me. I hear a rapping noise upon the glass as I rise and see a devastatingly handsome man waiting outside. He smiles sweetly, one hand laid upon the window as I press my own against his, wanting to feel it skin to skin. I open the window, and he comes inside my room. I'm showered in kisses upon my lips, my cheeks, my neck, my breasts... he tastes and takes me, ruining me for every other man with how skilled he is. As we grow closer to our peak, his pace grows rougher like a rutting animal. He nuzzles my neck, teeth scraping against my flesh. I feel fangs piercing me, the sharp pain melting into bliss as I'm thrown over the edge in my orgasm. I melt into my bed, falling asleep as I feel him caress me and kiss me.