Library Fantasies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ellies

During my last term of university, I spent a lot of time in the library. My apartment was too chaotic to allow me to focus so the library became my safe space. After a few weeks, I became familiar with the staff and made friends with a few of them. One, in particular, caught my attention: dark hair, auburn eyes, and broad shoulders. Definitely my type! I started to tease him, dressing more and more provoking every day that passed and he seemed enticed. As spring approached, the sexual tension among us was palpable so I decided to act on my fantasies one day the library was almost empty. I approached his desk and asked for his help looking for a book. We walked really close in the narrow spaces between the shelves, randomly brushing our bodies together. I was eager to kiss his lips. I leaned over and pulled him from the belt. When our tongues touched I swear I could hear the air around us crackling. Soon my panties were around my ankles as he pulled me up and started to fuck me hard against the shelf. We could hear people chatting in the distance but this made us even hornier. He kept fucking me until I was on the verge of orgasm. All of a sudden he stopped, fell to his knees, and started to kiss my inner tights. The lips I dreamed so much of, were now pulling me closer and closer to the edge. I come into his mouth, biting my lips to prevent myself from screaming. After my orgasm he sat on the ground, I mounted him and fucked him as it was my only scope in life, my tits bouncing on his face. I come again and it was even more intense than the first one. He followed soon after, filling my mouth with his warm juice.

From that day on, this became our favorite study and work break.