letting a shared fantasy come true

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JaLinone

I'm in the shower, getting ready for our encounter full of excitement and anticipation. Will you really come? We never met, never even sent a photo. Only exchanged online for weeks, further and further developing and spun this common fantasy, which should now become reality. I don't know much about you, and I'm not going to learn much about you today either. Probably just how you taste. I wrap myself in a towel and put an apartment key under the mat, as agreed. Even if this encounter should actually take place today, I will not know what you look like. This is ensured by the black satin sleep mask that I put on after I reach the living room. Excited, I lie down in the middle of the carpet, wearing only boxer shorts and a mask, my hair still wet. I'm waiting. And waiting. The feeling of being exposed and at the mercy of not knowing who is coming makes me shudder when I finally hear the key in the lock. I'm not allowed to move and above all I'm not allowed to take off the mask. I consider your will unconditionally, if it is you at all. Steps are slowly coming closer, I hear them on the tiles in the hallway, then closer, on the parquet floor in the living room. I can feel you standing next to me, looking down at me. I also fancy feeling a satisfied smile and your eyes wandering over my body. I hear something softly fall on the carpet, my excitement rises. Then you sit on me, on my face. I moan briefly with joyful excitement. I begin gently, exploring the outer lips with the tip of my tongue, your hands resting on my chest. But then you sit up, press your vulva, your clitoris more firmly into my face and start rubbing against my tongue. Deep desire spreads in me. I can feel your thighs pressing more and more against my head with increasing excitement. I love how you taste, so long I've been waiting to find out. Just when I think you're coming, you push your pelvis forward so that I suddenly lick you from behind. You leave me no choice and I follow, exploring your bottom with my tongue. You moan and press it against me harder, I can feel or hear, guess that you are stimulating your clitoris with your hand. You get yourself off on me while I lick your ass and repeatedly press it firmly with my tongue. Suddenly your legs twitch, you moan loudly, let all your lust out, slump down on me, just lie down on my body. Don't dare move, keep following the rules. At some point you slowly loosen up and do something unexpected: Your hand strokes my excited cock through the boxer shorts. An unexpected and very arousing departure from the script. I twitch and moan, a feeling running through me that I will cherish for weeks to come. Then you're gone, just gone, leaving me lying on the floor used, I can still hear the door. We've only ever fantasized up to this point, maybe we'll meet again, maybe not.