Just friends

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Beejay

A weekend away with old friends, including one of my best female friends. There's a long history here including dating each other's best friends. We provided camaraderie for each other during the pandemic. Now we found ourselves drunk late at night among the redwoods. As single folks, we were sleeping on the couches of the BnB. As the lights go off and a hush takes over the treehouse-style home, she jumps on me and we passionately hook up, laying waste all of the pent-up angst and tension. I finger her while she rides me, she tries to keep contact with my mouth in between moans fueled by g-spot stimulation. My hand grips her neck and further intensifies her pleasure. After climaxing, she tears off my pants and commences a sloppy and active blow job sucking me dry of all my guilt of hooking up with my best friend's old girl, and her smiling knowingly that she was the best I ever had.