Instant sexual attraction at the rock show, consummated secretly under a table

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SiskoTech

Many years ago, I attended a 3-day noise/rock festival in a town I did not live in. There were easily 400 people in attendance. I spotted a woman in the crowd with a very hip look (asymmetrical haircut, cat's eye glasses, retro/rockabilly-style clothes, and, most strikingly, a vintage Pan Am flight bag over her shoulder) and we both exchanged several looks in the packed crowd. As the next band prepared to play, we somehow got pushed face to face and had immediate chemistry. Even as total strangers introducing ourselves with small talk, we instantly started affectionately touching each other's arms, faces getting closer, almost about to kiss, when...the next band started loudly playing. The rush of audience members pushing toward the stage separated us.

This all actually happened.

In my fantasy, which appeared to me clear as day in that moment, we held hands to keep connected, and once the crowd dissipated, we walked calmly to the back of the room, crawled underneath some tall tables, and fucked intensely but joyfully [laughs of nervousness and excitement, playful tickles, lots of kissing and mutual oral pleasure as well as straight-up hard sex] in this hidden spot while the band (a very angular, abrasive punk/noise band called Couch) played on to a raucous crowd, none of whom thought to look back at this couple exploring a most potent case of Lust at First Sight.