Bigger is better

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gypzgirl

I am on a red eye flight and the cabin is full. I see that occupying the window seat next to mine is an extremely large woman gazing out the window. Thje overhead bins are full and I'm wondering if there will be space for my carry on let alone room for my body! This woman has filled not only her own seat, but has spilled over into mine. There is no way I am ever going to get that arm rest down! As I squeeze into my seat, she turns to me and smiles. That magnificent smile lit up the cabin and her eyes - those eyes....I felt like I was being devoured right there. I was a little breathless from squeezing into what remained of my seat, but also I realized there was a tingling between my legs. What was that about?? She said hello and turned back toward the window. As the flight took off and the cabin lights were dimmed, she said she realized I might feel cramped and I should feel free to lay my head on her arm as a pillow if I wished. I thanked her and said I was fine, but the more I thought about it, snuggling into that soft mass of her upper arm was somehow appealing and I must have blushed because she smiled and said, "Not everyone is comfortable with big women but I couldn't be happier with the way I am". As the night wore on, I must have dozed off because I awoke to shift position and found myself laying against her massive breast and belly which she had covered with a blanket. Her arm had worked it's way around my shoulder and I felt like I was being cradled and rocked gently back to sleep. It was the most luscious feeling as her other hand slowly pulled up the bottom of her shirt and then pulling down the top of her pants to release her enormous belly giving me a huge cushion to rest on. She covered me up under the blanket and my lips found her taut nipple straining at the cup of her bra. My free arm gently made its way on top of her belly and, as if it had a mind of its own, began rubbing and kneading the rolls until she pushed my had further down. Undernerath the great mass that was her belly was another universe - musky, dripping wet and inviting. But how to manage?