Alentejo (Portugal)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Conil

One of the pleasures of traveling is finding natural places of overwhelming unexpected beauty. This happened to us a couple of weeks ago on a getaway to the west of Portugal, visiting its endless and wild coast open to the Atlantic Ocean. We arrive at one of its best-known beaches, practically untouched by urban constructions. Miles and miles, as far as the eye could see, of white sand heaped into dunes. Too bad that the sea is still not friendly in that area and does not invite you to swim, but the midday sun did invite you to sunbathe peacefully on the sand. Not many people, totally textile beach, not even a topless person in sight. When I go to plant our towel, my wife tells me that she wants to move a little further away from the central area because she is going to sunbathe naked. Said and done. About 50 meters away, she takes off all her clothes and bikini. I prefer to keep my swimsuit on, since it makes me horny that she is the only naked person on the beach. She is happy and tells me that she is going to take a walk to the top of the dune. Before leaving, she shows him a pan of her ass to warm things up. Her walk does not last long, about 15 minutes, but enough to lose sight of her among the dunes that form near the shore. This situation makes me even more horny thinking that surely he will run into someone. On the way back we lie side by side face down and I start to caress his neck and back. Little by little I go down until I reach her ass and I don't stop there, I keep looking for the inner face of her thighs. She is enjoying herself and slightly spreads her legs. I can therefore only direct my fingers towards her vulva, which peeks out between her buttocks, and start jerking her off. She's horny and her breathing proves it. Just before running I tell her in her ear if she would like to feel my cock entering her mouth and with my free hand I insert two fingers between her lips so she can suck them... then she has an intense and happy orgasm. I thought it was a unique moment for being the only naked person on the beach and for letting him jerk off in those circumstances.