A Sexual Fantasy

— By vamos a vivir en España

I love pine trees surrounding beaches, especially during summer when the mesmerizing smell fills the air. It reminds me of those countless, careless holidays when I was a child.

This afternoon my long term girlfriend and I have a date at one of the beaches from my childhood on the Costa Blanca. In order to keep our relationship healthy we like to spice up things now and then by meeting in exotic places pretending we are strangers.

A girl parks her scooter at the end of a sandy road. She puts of her helmet and shakes her head firmly to reorganize beautiful long curly hair. Dressed in white she slowly walks towards me with the moves of a fashion model on a catwalk. Her slender shape and dazzling beauty leaves me speechless. We embrace like newbies and enter the terrace in front of the beach bar. It feels like we meet for the first time. I offer her a drink. We start to talk. We’re both in a playful mood. After a few drinks we go for a walk along the quit beachfront. The smell of pine blends with the scent of her perfume and fills the air. It hypnotizes me. Now and then her bare arm touches mine which gives me chills, even after many years.

In an instant we stand still. It seems like eternity as we hold hands and look each other in the eyes. Unconditional love speaks out of her hazel brown eyes. Her bronzed skin reflects the late afternoon sun. It’s all so perfect now. We kiss and we fall in love again. My heart beats fast. Here far away on an empty beach no one can see us now. The look in her eyes says it all and I can’t resist her calling. She releases the shoulder straps from her summer dress. I caress her breasts. They are vivid, soft and warm. I can taste the salty air on her skin. I start to undress her. She starts doing the same to me. Goosebumps are all over my body. We’re completely naked, entwined. We lay down in the sand and we make love. Our bodies are covered in sand.

We go on and on until we both enjoyed every taste from paradise. At the sound of a breaking tidal wave I cannot hold any longer and while she moans in my ear we orgasm in waves of pleasure.