A stranger in the sauna

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Minoushkali

I know we shouldn’t have, but we did it anyway. The stranger who poors water over the hot stones in sauna. He was just so unexpected, so irrestistible charming, yet the complete opposite of what I would describe as my kind of guy. At first I felt his eyes sliding over me, like a wolf hunting his prey. Before I knew it and could say anything more, he pushed his hardness into my belly wispering he wanted to eat everything from me, that he would make me come, licking top to bottom and then have me begging for more. Many women would hit that guy right in the face. The nerve! But no one ever came to me so explicit and I was overwelmed and instantly wet. He treated me like I was the queen of the building. He brought me sweet oranges after sauna, throwed icecubes between my legs, kisses the cheeks of my bottom while sweating in the sauna, slapped my ass when I came out of the pool, masturbated and came all over my breasts, fingered me, grabbed me under the cold shower, and took me right there in that pool where everyone could see. I mean really… The nerve. There was something so damn sexy about the impudence and the straightforwardness with wich he came to me. As I said, we shouldn’t have. That place is an area of meditation, where no obscene things should be allowed. But we did anyway. And I just can’t help when I think about it to smile so freely.