Hot for bf's bff (and bff's bf)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tom's_bod

I have a crush on one of my partner's best friend -- let's call him Tom. My partner and I are in an open relationship, so maybe it would be OK with him if I fucked Tom, but it certainly wouldn't be OK with Tom's girlfriend (who I am also friends with...oops). Still, I find Tom extremely attractive, and even though I know I shouldn't, I find myself fantasizing about fucking him often.

I imagine one of our late night conversations turning into something more...Tom suddenly getting up from his chair, walking across the room, and kissing me aggressively. He is a strong, aggressive man, and I imagine him pushing his hands up my shirt and squeezing my breasts hard. I imagine kissing him back, hard, and then ripping off his shirt so I can get my hands all over his amazingly sculpted chest. I imagine him unzipping my jeans and pushing his hand into my underwear. He feels I am already wet for him, have been wet just thinking about this. I put my hand into his pants and feel how hard he is. We kiss some more and then he throws me onto the couch and tears off my pants. He goes down on me and just when I think I'm going to come, he stops and takes off his pants. I pull off his boxers and he is rock hard. He kneels in front of me and I take his cock into my mouth. I hear him moaning as I suck his cock. He thrusts himself into my mouth, moaning louder, until finally he grabs my hair, pulls my head back, kisses me forcefully, and then throws me back on the couch. He slides himself into my wet pussy and we both moan with pleasure. He fucks me this way for a while, then climbs off me, grabs my shoulders, and flips me over. He grabs my hips and pulls them towards him, so I am on all fours and he fucks me doggy style, moaning louder and louder, reaching a hand around to rub my clit. Finally he shouts, "Oh fuck" and with a few final deep thrusts, he comes. I press his hand into my clit and finally I come too. We lie on the couch sweating and panting. Too bad it can never happen....