With the voices of sex workers center stage, Erika Lust directs the first part in a series of docu-explicit films.

"Doing porn and owning my sexuality has changed my life forever. I am a sex worker and I am sick and tired of the hypocrisy within society that stigmatises and demoralises all those that use their sexuality for work. Sex work is real work and we are human beings, all of us different but with a lot of things in common too. We want and need decriminalisation to make our lives and working conditions better. My body is mine. And I want to have the choice to work with my sexuality, and not be discriminated or criminalised for it. My fantasy, and my goal, is to live in a world that accepts our work like any other work. To live in a society where we can enjoy our sexuality how we choose to and want to: paying for it, or not. "

— By MariaRiot
Erika's comment

Wow, what an experience! The first part in a series of films I have made putting the voices of sex workers center stage, Sex Work is Work features Dante and Maria discussing their lives and experiences as sex workers, and their excitement at meeting for the first time. Maria hires Dante as an escort - her first time doing so, and his first time with a woman as an escort. Their excitement and clear sexual chemistry was exactly what I had hoped for. This film is full of the magic of real, thrilling, ecstatic sexual chemistry between two liberated, brave and intelligent people. It was a blast to shoot and I feel uplifted by the sheer positivity of every part of this film whenever I watch it.


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  • J
    Subtitles for the spanish interview?
  • H
    The therapist : “I think it’s men all over the world who have a problem.” !! 😳🤯
  • M
    The orgasm scene is just amazing. Literally, this is the first time I've ever seen a girl directing the guy in order to make her come and where the scene doesn't end with him coming over her. Very powerful, thank you.
  • T
    I loved it! This is truly a movie of substance and it sends an important message regarding sexwork and our sexuality.

    It was very honest, beautiful and of course very sexy. Maria Riot is such a talented woman and my favorite actress. She is fierce, compassionate and sexy. And her English was excellent.

    And finally, hats off to you Erika for directing this incredible film! You have built an impressive queendom of erotica. Your movies have quality and I´d rather pay for quality than watch shit for free.

    Anyway, you have fun on your world tour and remember to californicate in L.A. Kisses and hugs.
  • C
    We need ENGLISH SUBTITLES...c'mon, it's not so hard.
    • C
      Erika Lust
      There are subtitles Chris, you just press the "cc" button on the player.... it's not so hard!
  • A
    I agree completely. Sex workers are workers and fill an important need. They should be paid fairly, protected from exploitation, provided with options for medical care and retirement, and a path to education and training for other employment opportunities, if so desired. No one should be forced into sex work by economic necessity or slavers and pimps. It should be a free choice and no stigma attached. Sex workers need to organize and take control.
  • D
    Diva Sensuelle
    Excellent. Empowered and illuminating, sweet and sensual and hot. Respect!
  • S
    I did sex work studies in university for my dissertation over representation of sex workers, they need decriminalisation to make a stop to trafficking and to really give women choices on things. Different countries take the sex workers differently on attitude, while a lot of countries sex workers have to work in secret, only New Zealand, Netherlands and Nevada in U.S. could be in theory free of trouble for sex workers.
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