Food and sex combine in a delicious foursome from Erika Lust's XConfessions series!

"Like a lot of twenty-something women, I love going out dancing with my friends. A bunch of us, out nightclubbing, and grabbing a greasy kebab at the end of the night when we’re super drunk and hungry. This one fantasy I have though, (and I would LOVE to see it in film….) combines hungry-ness and horni-ness… so it’s the end of the night and we go into a kebab shop, and the guy behind the counter is so fucking cute. So we ask when he’s finished and he says “in half an hour”, so we order a kebab each and sit and watch him and wait for him to finish. And when he’s done, he turns out the lights and locks the door, and we fuck on top of the tables! Me and my best girl friends, surrounded by greasy, delicious food and sex. And afterwards he makes us chips to take home. Does everyone feel super hungry when they’re horny?!"

— By yummy69
Erika's comment

Food and sex - two of my favourite things! This confession manages to make you hungry AND horny, which inspired the title of this film, HORNGRY! This was Kali's first adult film, and I think we put her in good hands with Luna, Tyler and Anya. So much natural chemistry, such a gorgeous spark between all of them.


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    Very exiting... And good sex makes HUNGRY, so this is spot on...

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    My fantasy is to be the guy behind the counter! But, it goes a little farther. While I am making the chips, the girls have a private talk. They come to me and say that, they believe, I am a great find. They told me I could cook and I was a great fuck! "How would you like to come and live with us?" they asked. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My emotions just kept me frozen. So, they continued telling me that all of them would take turns keeping me. They would all teach me how to pleasure each of them to the utmost. And as the process went on, they would have a party to pass me on. And at any given time, any of the group could borrow me for their pleasure. I had only one question. "What is the catch?" Samantha answered immediately for all of them. "You must agree that you will accept all of us here, and no one else, as your beguiling Mistresses. If you do, we will take responsibility for your care and your well being and all your wants and desires. Bequiling means, we will not use punishment to control you. We will make you so happy, pampered, and satiated, that it will be impossible for you to say no to any of us." I nodded understanding. "Good," said Samantha. "Take Amy with you, fuck her good, and, then, she will help you pack your things." The only thing I could respond was, "Yes, Mistress Samantha."

    Sorry for posting my Confession here. But the stage was set!

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      That would make a good Part 2!
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    Oooooohhhhhhh!! I'm excited to see this one filmed. Excellent story, yummy69.

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    Sex and Food always goes together!
    I like this fantasy very much.
    Do it

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    Yes.. Both, very much alike afflictions. I would love to see.

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    very beautiful vid ! I like this very much !

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    This is sooooooo hot! Great work :)

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    Muito Bom !!! ( Very Good )

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    So worth the wait! Incredible directing, Erika! And yes, the natural chemistry among the actors explodes onto the screen! I cannot believe the performances were only that. There is too much of a sense of orgasmic pleasure being had by all, and a wantonness by each to give pleasure! I have downloaded this film and will keep in a special vault, remembering to take it out when I get HORNGRY!!!

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    why it needs to end with an orgasm of the man? :/

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      Erika Lust

      Not all my films end that way! This was just the natural way that this particular scene ended :)

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    Loved it!!!!

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    I'm genuinely not one to complain, but there's definitely something wrong with streaming speed - I have no problem with any other streaming site (Netflix, YouTube etc) but any video here takes around 30 minutes to load on the lowest quality. I've seen multiple people post about this so maybe it's not all of our connections and something to do with the website?
    Sorry, hate to be downer :(

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      The site does freeze up a bit when navigating, but I for one have not had trouble downloading or streaming, apart from a single time.

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    LOVED IT!!

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    Absolutely wonderful. Both adorable and super hot. One of my favorites.

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    Golden Boy

    So great

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    Don't ever get it twisted, horngry is a real thing.

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    loooooooooooooove UUUU guys you make me Horngry.....
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    Wow! I love this! I didn’t think I would tbh. The lightning of the video, the story, the sounds and theirs a clear-ish ending too! I like this alot. No no seriously! The video quality with the lighting just aghhh lol loved it
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