A woman in a strip show demands a private dance from her favorite performer

"I knew this woman who went to a peep show. She wanted to see but not be touched, she wanted fantasies, but not contact. But then, on the other side of the looking glass… there was THIS MAN. She saw his skin and she wanted to smell it. Under the skin, she saw his muscles and she wanted to bite them. And she saw his armpits and how wet they were, and she wanted to lick them. She wanted this man so bad that she could break the glass just to be a little bit closer to him.

— By Natacha Kinky
Erika's comment

Olympe de G. is back! And she's got a killer new film that I am so excited for you to see. Kali and Bishop star in this deliciously voyeuristic film based on a really cool confession. We love the reference to Paris, Texas! Olympe is flourishing into an incredible filmmaker and I am so pleased to keep working with her. You're going to love this one as much as I do, I can tell!


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  • H

    I don't know why! But I felt great emphaty with this one!

  • S

    Oh my! What a way to build tension and a very satisfying finish. Brava!

  • N

    Olympe is a Genius. From France with Love <3

  • 1

    A new highpoint for XC!

  • A

    Olympia, Thank you so much for this delicious little tale! OX

  • C
    I do agree Olympe and her perfomers did something outstanding.
    To me, an emotion very close to the Paris Texas' one.
    Please do it longer...
    Cheers from Paris
  • E
    Wow. That's hot! I have to go a strip club. Love her string. Which brand is it? Does anyone know?
  • S
    ı can't open
  • S
    Beautifully express...
  • N
    Beautiful and soooo sexy!
  • D
    WOW loved it
  • L
    Lara La Chatte
    This is so amazing! It Made ne Feel more and more crazy
  • A
    I couldn't keep my eyes off the beautiful man playing the drums!
  • C
    This was so creative! I really enjoyed it.
  • U
    Wow wow wow thank you for than amazingly beautiful performance <3
  • F
    Like it
  • K
    Can we have the name of the drummer?
    • K
      Erika Lust
      It's Jamie Oliver ;) https://xconfessions.com/performers/jamie-oliver
  • H
    Kali is addictive!
  • S
    Unbeliable drummer , the dancer create a burning tension that Burn me throw the screen... And the girl was amazing...thanks!
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