The honest and truthful relationship between a dominant and a submissive. From the XConfessions series

"I would love to find the Master of my dreams. I would set an appointment with him, I don't know, once a month. Just like you do with a psychologist or a dentist or a hairdresser. I imagine a handsome, strong and polite man. We would know very little about each other's lives outside our sessions. I would go to his office after work and secretly have the best moments of the week: I want, I need, please give me, Master. I would go back home relaxed and fulfilled, ready to care for others again; I would make dinner and read a story to my kids before they went to bed..."

— By Josephine15
Erika's comment

After reading this confessions, I wanted to do something realistic: the real and accessible world of BDSM. So I cast an actual master (Mickey Mod) and an experienced masochist (Amarna Miller) and recorded a full BDSM session between them as they experiment with whips, ties, clamps and wax. A great introduction for those of you curious about this universe!


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  • L

    That was so hot and I never saw the attraction to BDSM before!

  • P

    I love this one! I often fantasize about being dominated but just don't have the time or circumstances in my life to make it a everyday thing, a appointment every so often to indulge and purge would be the best idea!

    • P
      Florecita Cochina
      Yes, it would fit right in on my busy schedule!
  • R

    Very hot sir

  • M

    That was very fun to watch he reminds me of my husband, everything the way he talks, I can't wait to do this with him!

  • M

    i love this so much.

  • X

    Muy buen guión y buenos actores. Una fantasía muy ajustada a la realidad.

  • L

    Thank you! This was so perfect! I might show this to a new lover to introduce him to what I'm into.

  • Q

    Love this one!! What is the black malleable object used during the vaginal intercourse? I've never seen that before.

  • Y
    I love this and hope something like this exists irl.
  • M
    I'm looking forward to show it to my boyfriend <3
  • S
    :o lovely
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