Femmes making delicious love on top of retro desserts

"I dream of four femmes, covered in sugar-coated cream, arranging a smorgasbord full of delights that they devour with hungry eyes and devious minds, layered with desires.

One seemingly sweeter than the next, they begin to crave the taste of each other as they lick, tease, and bite, such a sumptuous delight.

I lust for femmes glazed in caramel, asses slapped with whipped cream and Jell-O running down thighs.

Covered in their own nectarous juices, they feverishly fuck as the chandelier rocks from side to side."

— By Coco Calypso
Erika's comment

The sweetest, most mouthwatering fight against cat-calling culture I have ever seen! Poppy Sanchez shot her first ever 16mm movie for XConfessions and the result is a delicious, retro-style all female food-orgy. I think I might have developed a cake fetish just by watching this ;) Bravo, Poppy & Crew!

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  • K
    Looking forward to getting VERY happy to this one.
  • K
    Truly a Delicious slice of Sapphic Sensuality, and another one in the eye of Patriarchy! I love it. :)
  • M
    Michael Persson
    Yes look's very nice
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