Lose yourself in the abstract space between voyeur and performer, reality and desire...

"I'm a filmmaker, like you Erika. My spirit, my fervor, is focussed through my lens. My desire. I am fascinated by the distinction between reality and imagination - and bringing my own fantasies to life. I take pleasure in nurturing a fantasy, and then giving breath to it with actors. Watching them live out my desires through my lens, masochistically torturing myself, wanting to live out the dream myself. But being unable, forbidden, locked behind the camera. I watch their tongues dance across each other's skin, I focus on the bead of sweat sliding along his temple. I see his hands touch her slit and make her begin to tremble, and I can feel the tremble beginning within myself. I know what I choose to look at will be what others see, how others experience my fantasy. Always on the outside, always the voyeur, always longing to join in.

*Stills by Tina Dubrovsky"

— By AnEroticFilmmaker
Erika's comment

I'm obsessed with Julia Patey's ability to connect reality and imagination so perfectly. After all, with XConfessions I'm trying to bridge the gap between fantasies and real, tangible pleasure and this is such a passionate and intimate example of that. Dinah & Jan are so incredible together, they share a lust only true lovers can. Thank you all!


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    One of the best - if not the best!

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    I love it!

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    By far the best one!!

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    For me there is too much "art" and in the movie. The camera is like a found footage film.
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    Dear god, this is hot. It doesn't hurt that she resembles an ex.

    I'm usually one to agree, when art gets in the way, but it works well in this case.
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    Love...story narration great edit and shoot, thanks Julia..
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    Wow this film is beautiful, very sensual. I also like the rattling of the train carriages in the background. Definitely one of my favourites!
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    Simply the best! Fantastic. It’s not arty porn. It’s EROTIC. And very smart. Thank you Julia.
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    Incredible, tortuous yearning.
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    Diva Sensuelle
    Erotic. Evocative. The lighting was gorgeously sensual. Really enjoyed it!
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    This is hot. The "don't touch" stuff makes you think it's maybe not going to happen. That makes it hotter when it does. So often filming is shot so unrealistically. The production moments are real and make it all the more intimate.
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    this is my favorite so far. wow. that was so sexy.
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    the best <3
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