An explosive exploration of the possibilities for female pleasure; where the orgasms just never end.

"I've watched a lot of porn (maybe too much) and believe me, I think I can tell the difference between fake mainstream acting and real pleasure, like in your films.

The problem is when I have sex, I'm constantly paranoid about whether my partners are faking it or not...

How are you supposed to tell? I've heard that people overact sometimes for effect. And that you can tell by the flush of colour in the skin due to the rush of blood. All my female friends admit to faking it and I don't have a problem with it... But I want to make sure my partners never forget the orgasms I give them, so I need to know they're real.

Girls in porn seem to be able to come two or three times! So my question to you Erika -

Are multiorgasms false or true?

And more importantly, how do I make them happen??"

— By A_guy_who_isn't_sure...
Erika's comment

Are multiorgasms a real thing? Of course they are! Don't worry, A_guy_who_isn't_sure..., XC is here to teach you a thing or two about women ;) this was one of the most fun shoots yet - the women of ComeCurious are smart, funny and downright sexy! They were the perfect people to invite to brunch and discuss this subject with our two fab performers - Rina, who is a newcomer to XC, and Luna, who I was super pleased to invite back for another film. Enjoy not one, not two but countless orgasms...!


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    Why is an orgasm so important to you? I have a lot of fun during sex, even without an orgasm. And partners, who concentrate less on my orgasm quote and more on my pleasure and what I like, want and love (because I tell them and we talk openly about our sex live and pleasure) make me so comfortable, that I don't feel the pressure to fake it. I think the whole "SHE HAS TO COME TO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT MY PERFORMANCE" thing started the whole faking. Just relax a little and ask, what your partner likes and what brings him/her pleasure. That's all.

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      I think that's a big point of this video! It's about empowerment and talking about the different ways that bodies work, whether certain people achieve multiple orgasms or not, etc. Orgasm was definitely the topic of this video, but I think Erika is definitely aware that it doesn't have to be the end goal of any sexual encounter :) and I don't think she meant this film to convey that. <3

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    True dat👏🏾👏🏾💃🏽🎶

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    These videos take way too long to load! Definitely going to unsubscribe after this month...

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      Erika Lust

      :( Oh no! You can stream in smaller formats, that should be quicker? It might be your internet bandwidth because it works fine for us! Maybe check that?

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      Same! Such a shame! :(

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      Same for me ! So bad.... you need a better server Erika... :/

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      Unfortunately it's the same for me, even on the lowest quality it takes ages to load. It isn't a reason for me to unsubscribe but it takes out a lot of the fun (wich is kind of the point). I don't have this problem with any other video provider =(

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    Download is worth every second.
    Such a great subject and film. It has been my experience that once you let go, clear your mind of stress including worrying about the partner you are with in the moment, you will have some very strong and multiple orgasms. From then on it's easier to achieve this state. I can usually have very nice orgasms just thinking about sex or a quickie with a vibe in the bathroom. I almost always cum hard several times while giving head and of course a new partner makes things extra hot and spicy.
    >Note, that this is the first film I have seen the "Womanizer" sex toy used. Girls? This toy is an amazing assist into utterly mind blowing and very wet orgasms. I wouldn't give it up for all the others combined.

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      That's also what I experienced Jeannie :) Once I let go, it is so wonderful to be with my boyfriend and unfortunately I am only seeing him tommorrow, because we could not see each other today :( I am running mad :D
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    I loved listening to the discussion at the beginning; it is not something I am used to hearing. Rina and Luna were a joy to watch.

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    Re: internet connection, I was able to stream if I left the film in the smaller viewer. If I made it full screen, that's when the speed would slow way down to a stop.

    The discussion was fantastic, the orgasmic scene was fantastic. Thank you!

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    Well, I disagree. Orgasm is a must for me. It doesn't need to be multi, but sex without orgasm is kind of frustrating. My desire only ends after my body shakes a lot! So guys, learn with the girls on this movie how to treat a clitoris. ;)
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    I love this so much!!!
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    Everytime I watch it I want to now where the underwear the girls wear at the beginning is from. Please tell me haha
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    This made me think: Hey, I haven't played with myself for a very long time, maybe I should right now :) I don't think that sex without orgasm is frustrating, to me the closeness to my partner is most important and that makes me feel secure. When that's happening I am able to have an orgasm and it is wonderful. Have a great evening everyone
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    Does anyone know what the purple toy she's using at 21:36 is called? Or where I could get one? It looks really cool! :)
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    Your streaming is very slow
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    I bought a Lelo Sona Cruise after watching this and giiiiirls, heads-up: best toy ever! I can have 5 orgasms in a row which never happened to me. After the second orgasm, I just have one after the other. Totally worth!
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