Meeting backstage

BY Edelweison
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

Inspired by a true story, romanticized to become my most beautiful fantasy...

I am a professional musician and that night I give a concert on a beautiful stage.

During my concert I notice two very pretty girls in the audience. One of them looks at me insistently. I see them talking and laughing maliciously while staring at me. I lose my concentration and my mind escapes by imagining what could I do with her ...

At the end of the concert I find myself alone in the backstage while the whole group and the technical team is gone. I'm sweaty, exhausted, and at the same time soothed to have given everything on stage. I find myself at the back of the stage, surrounded by big projectors, flight cases and musical instruments. I take this moment of solitude in the darkness to light a cigarette, and sit on the piano meditating some jazzy notes ...

Believing myself alone and absorbed in music, I continue to play the piano by closing my eyes. That's when she approaches me slowly, without me seeing her. Suddenly I open my eyes and see her standing in front of me ... She drops her dress with a slightly shy movement. I approach her, kiss her breasts, slide my hand between her legs and see that she is already very wet. I wish to penetrate her immediately but she holds me back and makes me understand that she wants to take care of me first. We have the most intense sex ever. She makes me cum on her tits. She is still horny so I spread her legs and start licking her while she touches her breasts, lubricated by my sperm.

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Ashley is a 23 year old feminist photographer. Her work focusses on the diverse female experience.

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