Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Amber Nevada, Dido Wend
Production year: 2015
Comments by Erika Lust

Your poem inspired one of the most arthouse films so far in the XConfessions collection! Also one of the most edgy, as sex with ghosts is a big taboo - but such a widespread myth in cultures around the world. It begins with a thrilling solo by Dido Wend, suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a spirit craving sex, performed by Amber Nevada. A very special and passionate short film - don't miss some supernatural facesitting!

When she draws her last breath
I will refuse to let her rest
Her body out of the tomb
I will lift both our souls condemned,
so that I can kiss her one final time.

I will devour her undead breast,
all blood, all flesh,
all sleepless and hungry
like the nights we spent together.

If she is dead, I will joyfully die then too
to touch her once again
in hell

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  1. JessicaOliveira says:


  2. kazaa says:

    spooky cunnilingus 8-)

  3. Olla says:

    Great work! Love it! The girl might put on the same dress and leave:)

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