Words of Praise at Work

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jeancozy

There's an assistant manager at my work that makes me so flustered. He's a tall, "golden retriever", gamer guy. Sweet as can be. Every time we have a coaching, or just shoot the shit with each other, I end up flirting with him. He's been starting to flirt back, and I can't get this idea out of my head. I can't stop imagining that during one of our meetings, he'll be giving me his usual rounds of praise, and then something will shift. I want him to stand up, sit on the desk directly in front of me, and put his hand on my jaw. I want him to trace my lips with his thumb. I want to give him "the look" and then have sex in his office. I want to sit on his desk and watch him eat me out. I want to ride him on his desk and use my hand to try to silence his moans. I want anything he would give me.