What If You Fuck Me?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By G

I'm in a long term relationship with a man who I love deeply,but one of my biggest pleasures is just to travel and get lost in some unknown city or place.
So, once I visited an island alone, just discovering the place. It's a truly magical place with incredible landscapes, sea and amazing places to just stop and have the most remote and free sex.
I was alone and horny with all that.
Until one day I went to a vegetarian restaurant, with an incredible atmosphere. After being sat at a shared table, I was served by the most sexy, unforgettable, good looking guy, with a warm voice and deep stare. He asked me what I wanted to have for lunch.
At that moment, we looked into each other eyes for several seconds, imagining the most, deep, warm and unforgettable sex I've ever had. During the meal, I was eating the food but my body was having miniature orgasms every time he passed by or when served me something and touched my hand. Time just stopped right there, my body was living the fantasy in a parallel world.

And so, when he came to my table for the last time, he whispered into my hear "What if you fuck me?"
I just answered "And you fuck me back?"
His eyes looked into mine and said yes!
In a few seconds we were in the back of the restaurant, where there was a winter garden with flowers and a table in one corner. He just picked me up, took off my panties and give me profound and sexy cunnilingus. Then he took off my dress and fucked me with his sun kissed skin, like we had the most incredible connection ever - I was going crazy with pleasure and he was going crazy because of the pleasure I was giving him back.

In the end we kissed each other passionately... and then we just said goodbye, looking into each other eyes.