Water in the Woods

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lustystick

There was this girlfriend of a friend. Her last name was “Feuchter”, that means “More than Wet” in German. She was slim with long blonde hair. Usually not my type. Very sensual, and had the biggest natural breasts I have ever seen. I did my best not to let her know how horny she made me. She was with a friend after all. Until that one day when we were out in the woods walking. We used to walk and talk a lot, I was the guy girls talked to. This time was different. She was agitated. When we reached a spot that was a bit secluded, she took my hand and pressed it against one of her enormous breasts. “You wanted to do that for a while. I noticed the bulge in your pants.” She put her other hand between her legs, pulled it back up, wet and glistening. She looked at me seductively and said “Want to taste me?” I was unprepared for what was about to happen. She pushed me down and lifted her skirt, pulled aside her panties. She pressed my head against her vulva. “Lick”. I had never done that but was so horny I did not care. Her wet juice was all over my face, I licked and by the moaning and fluid I could tell I was doing it right. “Grab your dick” she said. “I want to see you jerk of.” She got rid of her shirt. Her breasts where barely held by the bra, it looked two sizes too small. Her areola and nipples where showing. With one hand I began squeezing and massaging her unbelievable breasts. With the other I pleasured myself, all the while giving fellatio, driving my tongue deep into her and gently sucking her clit. Seeing me hold my dick in my hand she went crazy, almost suffocating me between her legs, and when she came, she ejaculated all over my face. She ordered me to continue jerking myself off and kneeled down before me, looked into my eyes “Cum on my tits you wanker”. And so I did. She massaged it in, still moaning a little, tasting me with her fingers.
A few days later she left my friend and moved away. I have never heard from her again, but I still remember those incredible breasts and the taste of her pussywater.