Treasure hunt

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pelicano35

After got out of the car, I opened the envelope and read the hunting treasure message, I realized that I needed to come back into the car... I was confused, since we have traveled thirty miles to step into that royal florest park, and parked in a hiden spot one mile southwest the palace garden, around the lake... for what she called a memorable birthday treasure hunt.
I should have noticed on her smile and her decision to stay in the car after gaving me that first message envelope on that late autunn afternoon. In fact, the answer needed to be in her scarf. Has I returned, her lips hadn't said a word, but her eyes were bright as never before. Well done! The following message was attached to her scarf... The treasure map was her body and all messages pointed to a different cloth item to unwear... I noticed her new and sexy lingerie... A step by step travel to unveil his most secret spot. We were late teens and engaged for some months, both completly unexperienced on sex... Only her sexy panths were left, in the last message was written 'take off gently the last item, there is a message attached to your treasure telling how to explore it, enjoy... happy birthday!´. I took it off and there was a small flag with a message in her hole saying: 'Today only oral tests are allowed... Test it first, I will test you afterwards'... I kissed her and map her body with my hands and tounge and then move on tasting her suit juices... she orgasmed loud on my face and after some minutes she explored my body likewise, when I was about to come she sensually whispered 'I want to taste it all!... As I came inside her mouth... she finally said: 'Happy birthday!'... Enjoy the treasure once more...