Tips and Tricks for Lickin' Clits

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lola91

Hi Erika, 
My favourite XConfessions movie of all times is "Tips and Tricks for Suckin' Dicks" by Florence and Reed. The blowjob scene with Parker and Heidi is so hot. I've seen it countless times and I've actually used the director's instructions for my personal sex life which has been so much fun! I would love to see a movie just like it with tips and tricks for cunnilingus. Cunnilingus has a reputation of being one of the trickiest sexual acts to perform, but I think that's completely undeserved. Unfortunately, just like with most things that have to do with pure female pleasure, people tend to just brush it aside as "too complicated". Well, cunnilingus is one of my favourite things to do in bed and I'm tired of the excuses. Let’s end this mystery around it with some clear instructions on performing delicious cunnilingus.