The Tax Inspector

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Karsten Knaven

Geena is a tax inspector. She has to do an inspection of the account of Karsten, a successful writer. She calls him to announce that she will arrive at his office @ home at 2pm. When she arrives, she tries to find some structure to all the documents, but it is really a mess. While working she looks at Karsten whose writing on an old typewriter and fantasises about him writing in his underwear. Vice versa the writer fantasises about the tax inspector doing her job in sexy lingerie. Geena gives up and tells Karsten to put some order to his documents and that she will be back in 2 hours. Geena uses the 2 hours to put on make-up, do her hair, put on some beautiful lingerie. With only a long coat over the lingerie and with sexy high boots, she turns up 2 hours later. Karsten offers a clean desk with nice ordered maps. He asks to take Geena's coat so she can start the 2nd round of her inspection. Karsten is quite surprised and excited of what he gets to see. What follows doesn't need any documents. The table is made free for some fine oral sex and joyful penetration.