The Taste of Her

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Erebus

I have a new friend who is so sweet and beautiful that I've felt a way I've really never felt before. She is slightly darker skinned, with long brown hair, and the biggest brown eyes, and she has my utmost adoration. In addition to the typical feelings of a crush, in wanting to embrace her, touch her, kiss her, I have a curiosity, an urge, that I've never felt before - I really really want to know how she tastes down there...! I have embarrassingly little experience with oral sex, but I have this incredible desire to feel her warmth, her wetness, in my mouth. On my tongue. All over my face. I wish I could just bury my face between her legs, let her juices flow down my chin, and make her squirm and buck and moan and gush with my mouth. I want to bring her ecstacy, to play her like an instrument, bringing sounds from her that she never knew she could make. I want to bring her orgasm after orgasm, convulsing and contracting in my mouth, her wetness flooding my face. I don't need air, I just need her. Never before have I felt such a need to devour someone like this, but she awakens something in me, something very hungry 😳