The other bank of the river

A Sexual Fantasy

— By perelesnyk

We went into the country in a car - four of us, two girls, two guys. I barely knew you. It was actually our second encounter, as you are my friend's friend. We stop by a river, have some snacks, and play a board game. I like your bikini top, and you catch my glance. It is a hot day, and I suggest we go for a swim. The other two friends wanted another round of a board game, so it was just us two entering the water. You dared me to race to the opposite bank. It was fun watching you swim there, so you won the race. We laid on the grass for a while to catch our breath, then explored the new terrain. There was a lovely sunny spot a little further from the water. You turned around to me and said, "It's so hot; isn't it only fair for us to get undressed?"... so off goes your bra. I kissed you for the first time and felt your bare breast against my chest. I pulled the little strings on the sides of your bikini bottom, so it just fell to the ground. You said, while pulling my swim shorts down, "One thing, please cum in my mouth, okay?". And you tasted my cock, already hard for you. We fucked right there, in the grass, near someone's garden. Across the river, our friends were playing a board game. Your pussy was wet and tasty and welcomed my cock with a warm hug. After I came to your mouth as promised, we exchanged some friendly jokes and laughed before we swam back to our unknowing friends. The river washed away any signs of the hot fun we just had, so nothing gave away the fact that I just was inside you.