The most exciting 10 minutes of my life?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ali

As a 32-year-old bisexual man, I always wanted to sleep with men or women my age or older. But I do not know why I was never interested in younger people. They were not attractive to me. Until I met Hani at a private summer party. An iranian girl, 24 years old, with a beautiful face, prominent cheeks and long black hair. A good summer day in my home in southern Germany. I was grilling the fish I had caught that afternoon, and she was sitting on a chair next to the other guests, basking in the sun, wearing only a loose men's shirt. Watching her beautiful long legs in the sun occupied my whole mind. This feeling was strange for me too. Honestly, I was a little embarrassed that I found her so sexually attractive. On that particular day, while watching those beautiful legs, no part of my body was as excited as my dick. I went to her. I think she also noticed my looks. I was afraid that I would upset or torment her with my looks. But that was not the case. She seemed to enjoy my looks. I asked her to let the guests set the food table in the garden and go inside together for a while. As soon as she reached the room, she closed the door and stared at me and smiled. I started smelling her black hair, kissing her neck and lips. We both knew we didn't have much time. So she turned to the door, looked at me and let me go down. I have never been so eager to give a woman oral pleasure. I started licking her pussy. I did not have much time, I just wanted it to be a little wet. She wanted to take off her shirt, but I refused. When she had that shirt on, it was as if the beauty of her legs was more noticeable. I pulled a condom on my dick and while staring at her legs from behind, I gently inserted my dick into her pussy. I could not see her face but she did not moan. I was the only one who was moaning. I was moaning like a teenager having sex for the first time. Was I really experiencing the best Quicky of my life? I increased my speed and started to pound her. My moans had increased and I was gasping for breath like an amateur. She turned her face towards me with a certain calmness and put her hand in front of my mouth so that no one would hear me. My God, this girl herself knew how beautiful and attractive she was. It was as if she was controlling me. She was young but confident in herself, her beauty and her charm. It didn't take me long to cum. While her hand was still in front of my mouth, I was moaning from the depths of my being and she was squeezing her hand more. I calmed down. We waited a while for my dick to come out on its own. She pulled her underwear up, tidied herself up, turned to me, gave me the most beautiful smile in the world, and said: "Shall we go to the others? I guess they are waiting for us"