You tell me yours, I'll tell you mine

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

Virginia is the best friend of my wife. My wife told me that Virginia, when she was a girl, had decided not to fuck with anyone before marriage. There was a problem: she liked men to death. Whenever she saw one she could not help but imagine the cock. So she decided to go and see as many cocks as possible until she'd find the one of her life. Virginia had specialized in sucking and his exploits had become legendary tales among young students of school and beyond. Huge cocks stuffed into her mouth to the balls; orgasms triggered by the single movement of the throat; liters of sperm swallowed without losing a single drop. This is what my wife told me about Virginia.

Romeo is the husband of my best friend. He is not a beautiful man. The wife told me that he has a special gift. I've sucked lots of cocks in my life and I've always got to swallow the sperm. Powerful squirts have come up in my throat; weak squirts had trickled on my tongue. Always squirts. My friend told me that when Romeo comes, the sperm starts out slowly and streams, as a thick and sticky flow. No squirts or contractions. She loves to watch it while with her hand she slides along the rod to prolong the pleasure, until his hot white river slowly runs out. This is what my best friend told me about Romeo.

We have never been together. But every time we meet we know that I know their secrets, and vice versa. We know we are in each other's most erotic thoughts. Up to now, only in imagination... who knows about tomorrow?