Tea & butt-cheek cake

A Sexual Fantasy

— By stand

I was at work, already having some difficulties to focus on what I had to do... My girlfriend was home and started texting me. She said a surprise was waiting for me back home, suggesting me to leave work earlier. Texts became more intriguing, there was a special cake for me to eat… A nice, warm, juicy, delicious cake, just waiting for me. That was quite funny, texting with her kept my dick hard against my jeans during my last hour at work and in the bus on my way home. When I opened the door, she was there, waiting for me in her loose trousers. She went on the sofa, turning her back on me, and let her trousers fall, showing what she was hiding: black stocking and bordeaux lingerie. That beautiful ass doggy style, what a view. I could see everything in transparency through her panties, I caressed her ass cheeks and spread them, put my face in the middle and started sniffing and kissing her. After a moment she moved her panties to uncover her pussy to let me kiss it. She was so warm and wet, my tongue twisting and licking everything like crazy. She tasted beautiful as my tongue penetrated her pussy and ass. I was so excited, torn between the burning desires to fuck her immediately, and to keep eating that wet ass so delicious.