Take Me To The Edge, Now

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ANovelIdea1019

"Now." A demand that normally doesn't mean much. But put it in the context of sex, and suddenly, it's electric. Sometimes, the thought of that word, whispered in my ear in the midst of passion makes my toes curl. About six months into living together, my partner and I were in the kitchen - him making drinks, me making dinner. It had been a long, difficult day at work, and I was a bundle of tension. He started massaging my shoulders, and as his thumbs pressed circles into my achy muscles, I couldn't help but let out a small sigh. He kissed my neck and said, "I love when you make that noise." As his teeth grazed the skin of my neck, I let out a moan. He pressed me harder into the kitchen counter and continued to kiss my neck, nibbling gently. I could feel my knees going weak. His hand slid down to unbutton my jeans and he began to tease me with his fingers. When I got close to the edge, my breath getting shorter, his hot breath was in my ear. "Now," he demanded gruffly. Before I knew it, I was lay across the kitchen table, as he went down on me - his tongue hitting all the right places, my body arching upwards to meet his mouth... I found myself getting close to climax, and he stopped. He kept me on the edge for so long that I began to plead. "Now?" he asked. As I practically screamed yes, he thrust into me. It didn't take long for us both to crash. Just the thought of the way he kept me on the edge, the way he teased me slowly, makes my toes curl. But it's the thought of his hot breath in my ear...that word...that has me biting my lip and resisting the urge to straddle him every time I look at him.