Sweaty run sexiness

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LingamnYoni

I love showing my new girlfriend Anne how much I enjoy discovering her sexiness. Last Saturday, we came back after our early-morning run together. Before she was able to head for the shower, I pulled her into me and said, “You smell so sexy. I want to take in your sex.” The aroma of her sweat was an aphrodisiac. The heat emanating from her skin made me hot. I kissed and licked her neck. I inhaled deeply her scents coming through her running shirt. I pulled off her shirt and continued kissing and licking her chest and shoulders. We kissed, tongues probing deep. We were still breathing heavily from our run. I told her to breathe through her mouth so I could inhale her exhaling breath. I massaged her feet. We helped each other stretch, enjoying the touch of our bodies and legs. She pulled off her tights, letting me lick her pussy as I pulled her legs back. I continued to lick her pussy as she went into a downward dog stretch. As she bent down from the waist, I held her hips and penetrated her from behind. Her vagina clasped my cock while she moved around, getting wetter and more slippery. We continued our post-run workout with sex.