Sunset sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By April4

I love the idea of having sex in an apartment high above the city. The sun would be about to go down when my man and I are sitting on the couch watching the light slowly fade as he beginns to tuch my thigh and draw pictures on my skin. He looks deep into my eyes and I run my hands through his chin long brown hair and feel his lusty kisses on my lips, back and neck. He leads me to the soft carpet next to the window and I start to undress him to see his bronzy skin shimmering in the last rays of sunlight. I lie down and guide him above me, move my hands up and down his back and fell his weight pressed onto my body. His hands touch my breasts and push my white summer dress up to reveal my tiny undie, that barely covers my wet vagina. As he gets rid of his tight jeans I can see his eyes wander over my body and his cock swelling even more. He lies back down again and now removes my entire dress to see my swollen breasts. He gently kisses them and makes his way down to my legs to lick the insides of them and to rub me through the wet fabric of my panty. He pulls it down, pushes my legs apart and begins to lick me. I can see the reflections in his hair changing as he makes sure that I won't stop moaning. As I am about to climax, he moves inside me and joins me with deep throaty groaning. Even more turned on by the sound he makes, I hold on to his butt and push him even further inside me. While we both orgasm, the sun finally sets and leaves us with the warm prickle of passion.