A Sexual Fantasy


The other day I went with some friends to have a coffee and we had some sex talk. They stated that they didn't like to practice blow jobs with their boyfriends/husbands/hookups. Because they felt too submissive. But that is what I have more appetite for! Giving oral sex makes me feel sexy and become wet. Makes me feel powerful, feeling a man's cock becoming a hard bar because of what I can do with my mouth. I adore how soft the skin of the glands can be and to caress it with my tongue. I don't feel disgust when saliva drains down my chin. And I close my eyes to my partners orgasm, feeling proud of being able to give such a gift. And if it's a man I'm fond of and most of my bed partners are thank god, then I like them to cum over my closed eyes, and lick a few sperm drops with the tip of my tongue. And then rest over my happy friend's chest and receive some caresses on my back just before I'm eaten too.