Steamy & Sneaky

A Sexual Fantasy

— By krista

I arrive at my cousins wedding, lock eyes with the best man and immediately feel connected. The tension builds while we flirt at the bar and enjoy our witty banter with subtle, but sexy touching. We dance drink and socialize, but eventually we sneak off to the bathroom where we have a heated make out session on the bathroom basin, my dress moves above my waist, his hand is down my lace underwear as he fingers me. My back curves forward and back, his hands glide through my hair and he grabs my ass like he has never felt anything like it. He moves his mouth to my clit, it tingles and I moan. I wrap my hand around his big, hard penis and direct it towards my wet vagina. He thrusts into me and I have to brace myself on the bench, it's so good, I moan too loudly for a wedding reception, we both start to muffle each other's moans to be more discrete. He picks me up and moves me to the wall and then finally he finishes me.