Stairway to Heaven

A Sexual Fantasy

— By @my_koolito

You lean against the bannister

Slightly spreading you legs

Your eyes fixed on mine

Revealing your passion

Revealing the fire

Slowly you let your skirt

Fall to the ground

Slowly I step towards you

You widen your stance

My heart beats faster

My cock throbs for you

My eyes feast on you

Like honey is for my tongue

I savour the sight

The light that falls on you

I stand behind you

And slowly remove your shirt

Brushing my palms on your

Hard nipples

I drop to my knees

Letting my hands run the sides

Of your body then holding you

Firmly on the hips

I pull you towards me

Letting your juice slide againt

My wet lips

I whisper to you softly

(You cannot really hear it)

Baby you are so divine

And now you are mine

I gently kiss you

Lapping all your juice

While my hands explore

Your body

You moan with pleasure and

I grab your nipples harder

They are erect

I am erect

All for you

I get up you turn

You sit on the bannister

wrapping your legs around

My waist and we kiss

Holding your face in my hands....

To be cont....