Spitters, are quitters!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sincera

Spring. The weather was getting warmer. I needed some new clothes. Summer clothes. So we went shopping.

He didn’t like the idea right from the start. One dressing room after another. Light summer dresses, sexy hotpants, tight tops … I tried them on, I bought them. But he had to carry all those shopping bags. After all he was the guy.

He was murmuring and rolling his eyes, bored and extremely annoyed. I knew that he would not go shopping with me any longer. So in the next dressing room I grabbed his hand and dragged him inside.

He looked surprised when I was placing him on the chair. I went down on him, opened his belt and his jeans. He was hard in seconds. I took his cock in my hands and started sucking. He leaned back and closed his eyes. I went all out to give him the best blow job ever. He was wincing and suddenly biting in his arm, not to make any noise while he was cumming in my mouth. I swallowed it all and smiled at him. He smiled too, exhausted but happy.

Now he likes shopping. :-)