Snowy Ski Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ygritte

We were in love. Even though we couldn't be for long. He was leaving town the next day. It was April, but in my northern, almost arctic town that means snow and sunshine for hours. We went skiing. Me- thin, blonde, quirky, silly. Him- brunette, thin, charming, also silly. He's a much better skier than me. We slogged, then finally made it uphill. It was pristine, untouched snow. Deep. We felt frisky. Or, I did. I know I initiated it. When he got my drift he got so excited, in his little boy way-huge grin, jumping with joy and hooting as he ran into the woods, snow up to his knees. We went off the trail, into the woods. I stumbled behind him, laughing, trying to keep up. It was cold. And messy. My spit mixed with snot during his blowjob due to the weather. He went down on me, somewhat awkwardly, as my snow pants weren't totally off. "We should be using a condom", I said before he entered me from behind, me clinging to a tiny northern tree to support his weight as he thrusted from behind. I knew he loved it. I loved it. I loved him. He loved me. The cold air, our naked bodies, him inside me when really he shouldn't be. I'm not on birth control. At one point two people came by on a skidoo- pretty close to us. I was frozen shocked. He pulled me down "duck!" until they passed. There we were, half naked, kneeling down in the snow We giggled. Kissed. Resumed. Came. Shaking and semi hypothermic we dressed. We made it back down the hill. He went fast, yelping and gaining speed downhill. I am new to skiing, slow, cautious. But I made it! I didn't fall down the hill. I met him at the bottom, where he waited for me, and he asked for a kiss....but as I leaned in towards him I slipped and fell backwards. Right on my back. We laughed, I got up, we tried again. We kissed. We skied on.
It was the best moment.