Sexy Santa

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mrs. Claus

As Christmas is cumming, (ha, see what I did there!) I thought I'd share my Christmas confession. As a child I loved going to visit Santa at the shopping mall at Christmas - sitting on his lap, telling him what I wanted for Christmas and getting a present before I left. I wish there was a Santa for adults to visit and fantasise about my visit to this Santa. I walk into Santa's grotto and Santa is a sexy, gorgeous guy. I go over to him and sit on his lap. He gives me a glass of wine and we chat and I tell him about what I'd like for Christmas. He asks me if I've been a good girl. I say I have and he gives me a wrapped present. Then he says "Because you've been a good girl and also because you're very beautiful, I want to give you another present, if you want to accept it." He strokes my face and looks into my eyes and I know what he is offering me so I nod and he kisses me passionately before he undresses me then I undress him, pulling off his Santa suit but telling him to keep on his Santa hat. After some oral action from both of us, I sit on his lap again and ride him until we both cum together. As I leave, he kisses me and we wish each other Happy Christmas. Later, when I unwrap the present he gave me, I find it's a dildo moulded in the shape and size of his penis "So I can have him inside me again, whenever I want!"